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Adorjan Horvát on November 21, 2017

Weitz’s solos are full of persuasive blowing and easily pushes boundaries, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a saxophonist more dependable than Weitz for sheer melodic construction and development of ideas on the scene today!.... read more 

Raul Da Gama, The Jazz Word February 8, 2017

“It is impossible not to be knocked out by the sheer creative firepower of Alex Weitz.” -The Jazz Word
There are many ways to make an uplifting album, but one that manages to convey its deeply personal sources of inspiration, while at the same time welcoming the listener into the music, is surely one of the most satisfying. So it is second outing for the tenor saxophone player Alex Weitz’s highly commendable quartet recording Luma. Here is an album that offers... read more 

Geannine Reid, All About Jazz March 28, 2017

“ Weitz' clear and melodic approach to his improvisation is a further testament to his capability as a player. A fact that is showcased throughout the record with all of his solo statements." - All About Jazz
“ Luma is a collection of nine tracks that are full of peaks, valleys, unexpected twists and turns, and exceptional solos, with solid group interactions. Above all else, there is a sense of trust and camaraderie between these four musicians that is undeniable." - All About Jazz
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Carmel DeSoto, Jazz Music Archives June 29, 2017

“His ideas are fluid, his abilities top-notch and he is joined by an equally fervent cast that create a lasting recording in the evolution of Alex Weitz”

“...riveting lines and a huge warm sound that is centrically focused” -Jazz Music Archives 

Though Arizona is not known as a mecca for jazz, in comparison to New York, Washington DC, or even the birthplace of jazz, the south. There still seems to be a thirst for jazz in the desert. Young tenor saxophonist Alex Weitz, cut his teeth on jazz in his home town of Tucson, as a member of the award-winning Tucson Jazz Institute Ellington Band. It was his trek to the.... read more

Dodie Miller-Gould, Lemonwire June 13, 2017

“For many listeners, the nine songs will not feel like enough, much like when the well-crafted movie, or effectively written and plotted literary novel, come to their logical conclusions and no one is ready for the end.” -Lemonwire

Alex Weitz’s new CD, “Luma,” is an impressionistic masterwork. “Luma” follows 2013’s “Chroma” which was considered stunning for a debut, especially in one so young. Older and wiser at 25, “Luma” shows further development in the young musician’s oeuvre. This is the saxophonist’s and arranger’s second album as the leader of an ensemble. For this recording Weitz has... read more

Sylvannia Garth, Elmore Magazine May 11, 2017

“Weitz’s composition flows like a narrative that is musical and full of interesting twist and turns. The influence of classical composers can be heard in his development of melody in both his compositions and improvisations by his development of motifs to full musical statements.”
-Elmore Magazine      
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More Reviews

Stamish Malcuss, Jazz Sensibilities

June 3, 2017

In the sea of tenor saxophonists, a refreshing new voice is emerging it is that of a recent graduate of the Frost School of Music in Miami, Florida. The young lion I speak of is Alex Weitz, growing up in...
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Dick Metcalf, Contemporary

Fusion Reviews March 16, 2017

“what the players project together is something you (really, REALLY) don’t often find… total comfort with each other, and an extreme dedication to pleasing the listener who wants more than “just another tune”
-Contemporary Fusion Reviews
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Gardy Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer March 3, 2017

“Young but solid and with a future that is very bright, Alex Weitz is an important new star on the jazz horizon.”
-Amazon top 100 reviewer 
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Susan Frances, Blogcritics 

February  22, 2017

The lyrical phrases created by saxophonist Alex Weitz transform his recording Luma into a multi-tiered novel. Coursing through layers of sonic passages which vary in tempo, chord dynamics, and harmonic forms, Luma is reflective of the inspirational energy found on vintage recordings from Charlie Parker and Bud Powell...
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George W Harris, Jazz Weekly 

February 12, 2017

Tenor saxist Alex Weitz drinks deep from the Sonny Rollins well, as his tone has the same deep growl, and he uses it well with the flexible post bop team of Tal Cohen/p, Ben Tiberio/b and Michael Piolet/dr for this collection of originals. He’s got a more 
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